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BHF PTE LTD was incorporated to oversee the global export market. At BHF, we strive to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing advice and assistance with our products selection and application development. BHF is committed to your success and will be a helping hand wherever necessary throughout your journey.

BHF PTE LTD has an on-going program of research and development to ensure our high standards are maintained in regards to flavour, texture, performance, shelf life, appearance and nutritional value. We also ensure our customers are unequvocally satisfied.

Baker's Heaven is a FSSC and Halal certified factory and has achieved ISO 22000 as part of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification for its products and operational procedures to meet international standards.

Baker’s Heaven started out as a small bakery in 1991 to be one of the largest bakery manufacturer in Singapore. In 2015,as we embark on our journey to be an international trendsetting bakery manufacturer, supplying only the highest quality of products at affordable prices to the rest of the world.

We believe in people and technology. Backed by our dedicated team of skilled bakers and cutting - edge automated line and coupled with our expertise in maintaining Freshness Through Frozen Technology, we are able to craft artisanal frozen bread Eg. Panini, Hamburger bun and Frozen puff pastry and export our products worldwide.


Watching Hayley grow up in our worksite inspired me to make “Hayley’s Dream” come true. Like other previous little ones, Hayley dreams to grow up healthy and happy. I envisage Hayley to grow up to be an elegant young lady with sparkling eyes, glowing skin and full of charisma and poise. -my elegant Hayley.


In Hayley‘s gourmet line of products, we perfected the process of baking from fresh dough with pure and quality ingredients. We use only 100% ingredients. All natural, all good and all tasty.


Afterall, what’s good for my Hayley is good for your Hayley. Simply wholesome tasty and elegant .

In 2016, we launched a new range of ambient snack products under the brand; Goomedo to cater to rising demand of Ready-To-Eat (RTE) foods. 

Owing to the increased level of exposure to multiple cultures, the people are experimenting with their diets, and RTE foods are finding an opportunity to grow with the growing trend of trying new foods and cuisines in the country. Backed by our dedicated team of skilled bakers and cutting-edge machinery, Goomedo has since developed products which are now available in 24-hours convenience stores, petrol mart and even supermarkets for Singapore Market.

Good Food • Good Mood

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